About Us

Founded in 1863, Stowe Community Church (SCC) is an open and affirming, non-denominational church in the heart of iconic Stowe, Vermont. Our members are vibrant in faith and commitment, and strive to be a warm and welcoming congregation.

In 1920 the Universalist, Congregationalist, and Methodist congregations in Stowe united to form Stowe Community Church. While non-denominational, the theology of SCC often aligns with the United Church of Christ (UCC). The Universalist Church building was kept as the best edifice and the Congregationalist parsonage (circa 1840) was retained as the minister’s residence. SCC has been blessed to be served by four pastors over the last 63 years. This year, we celebrate 100 years of worshiping together.

Stowe, and the surrounding area, is a world-renowned resort community. Outdoor recreation is at the core of life here and is reflected in our membership. Of course, there are families who live here year-round, but equally important is a population of “snowbirds” who travel south for the winter, second homeowners and tourists.

SCC offers two Sunday services. Our 9:30am service is filled with the time-honored hymns and traditions of a more formal worship service, both in-person and livestreamed. We currently have a more contemporary service in the afternoon offered via livestream only due to Covid precautions.

Our salaried staff includes our minister, administrative assistant, organist/choir director, Christian education director, and two contemporary worship musicians.

Greetings from Nashua, NH! It’s a blessing to worship each week with Stowe Community Church. It has become our online Sunday morning place of worship. Thanks Pastor Dan for your weekly messages!

Dale and Sue Copeland

To the Stowe Community Church members and many more,
It was wonderful to see your service online at the Stowe Community Church this past Sunday. Dan Haugh’s message was wonderful. It left me with a lot to think about this week.I also love the service itself. The hymns, choir and readings all came nicely together. I am so inspired that I intend to tune into your services every week.I would go in person but since I am 4 hours away, it might be hard. But don’t worry, I will be visiting you and the church as often as I can.Thank you for sharing.
Diane Davol

“what a delight to hear Rev. Dan Haugh’s sermon this past Sunday, weaving Scripture in with the daily practicality and application around striking up conversations with strangers as Jesus did with the woman at the well. Learning about others, sharing the Gospel with others, bringing them closer to Christ. It is what we are called to do and what Rev. Dan perfectly illustrated with his message. Excellent audio and video quality as well, hats off to the AV team at Stowe Community Church. Streaming from Manhattan NYC. Your congregation is fortunate to have such a God inspired pastor as Dan to lead you. God bless.”
Marc Jourlait