We have a dream of …

  • Being a church at the center of our community where all people will find a welcome, a place where all people—including the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused—will find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Sharing the good news of Jesus with the thousands of people in our community who currently claim no religious affiliation.
  • Developing a positive awareness of our church in our community through advertising, events, participation in community activities, and a vibrant social media presence.
  • Welcoming hundreds of new members into the fellowship of our church family where they can love, learn, laugh, and live in harmony together.
  • Developing people to spiritual maturity by offering classes for all ages about: knowing Christ (membership), growing in Christ (maturity), serving Christ (ministry), and sharing Christ (missions).
  • Spiritually caring for our members and the people of our community through fellowship events and a network of small groups for: youth, children, parents of young children, parents of youth, empty-nesters, singles, men, women, retirees, people in recovery, and others.
  • Offering multiple worship services with many different styles (traditional, contemporary, contemplative, etc.) throughout the week.
  • Serving our community by working in conjunction with other churches and households of faith to offer food, shelter, clothing and other ministries to those in need.
  • Offering outreach events throughout the year that will minister to the spiritual needs of our community through music, fellowship, teaching, and other means.
  • Renovating and expanding our existing building to accommodate a church family of five hundred people or more.
  • Building a staff that will minister to the children and youth of our community, leading families into a personal, and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Supporting and sending both short-term and long-term missionaries who will share the love of Jesus with those in need in our community and around the world.
  • Preserving the history of our church with its roots in the early 1800s, and sharing this heritage with the Stowe community.