Weekly Quest – June 3-10

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June 3, 2016

Stowe Community Church
develops loving followers of Christ who
celebrate throughworship
grow through teaching
connect throughfellowship
care through serviceand
share through outreach
to our community

and world.


Here are four questions to ask yourself at the end of each day:
1. Was I easy to live with?
2. Was I pleasant to work with?
3. Did I grow, even a little, mentally or spiritually?
4. Did I help someone and did I do it graciously
Stowe Community Church July 14, 2013

This Week in the Quest:
This Week’s Calendar
Words From Will
Ministry Fair This Sunday!
Volunteers Needed for Parsonage Tasks!!
Gathering Hearts Craft Class Schedule
Mountain Choraleers Concert This Sunday
Opportunities to Serve the Church 

Our deepest sympathies to Dale and Kandy Neil for the loss of their nephew Tyler Fisher in Indiana.

Parsonage Fund Update:

Total spent…$76,500
Received This Week: $0
Total contributed…$62,900   
Still needed…$13,600
Please prayerfully consider making a donation!


Sunday Celebration Service June 5, 2016
Holy Communion
PSALM: 146

Lay Reader:Bernadette Wyman


Acts 13:4-52
“Distant Land” – Rutter
“Keys to Growth: God’s Person”


Please stay after the worship service for our “Ministry Fair” with refreshments on the front lawn!


Church Calendar for June 5-12                                                            

Sunday, June 5     
8:30 Choir rehearsal in loft
8:30 Apostles’ Creed discussion in Fellowship Hall
9:30 Celebration Service
9:30 Kids Connection
10:45 Ministry Fair
4:00 Mountain Choraleers Concert
6:00 Annual Ham and Bean Dinner at the Town and Country Resort
Monday, June 6
12:00 noon   AA weekly meeting
Tuesday, June 7
8:00 pm        AA weekly meeting in Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, June 8
12:00 noon    AA weekly meeting in Fellowship Hall
5:30 pm        Choir rehearsal in Organ loft
7:00 pm        Church Board Meeting in Fellowship Hall
Thursday, June 9
6:00 pm   Deacons Meeting
Friday, June 10
9:15 am    Staff meeting
5:00 pm    Baccalaureate
Next Sunday, June 12
8:30 am    “Apostles’ Creed” discussion in Fellowship Hall
8:30 am     Choir rehearsal in organ loft
9:30 am     Kids Connection in Fellowship Hall
9:30 am     Celebration Service in Sanctuary
10:30 am   Coffee Hour in Fellowship Hall or on the porch
1:00 pm     Corrine Bryan Memorial Service

Happy Birthday this week to:
Sylvia Nichols on 6/5
Lilyann Pizarro on 6/6
William Steel on 6/8
Leon Bouramia, Graham Geissler and Lauren Jennings on 6/9
Happy Anniversary this week to:    

PRAYER TEAM LEADER:  Nancy Tooley 802-793-1637 for June

PINSWords from Will!

Rev. Will Vaus
This Sunday at 8:30 am we will be continuing our adult education class on The Apostles’ Creed. Our topic this week is: “God the Son: His Identity and Birth”. It is not too late or too early for you to join us!
In our Celebration Service at 9:30 am this Sunday I will be talking about the ministry of the Apostle Paul. I know many of us struggle with Paul, that is with some of the things we think he has said in some of his letters. We even struggle at times with the difficulty of grasping his thoughts. However, as C. S. Lewis has noted, what finally comes through the record in Acts and Paul’s letters is something that “matters more than ideas-a whole Christian life in operation-better say, Christ Himself operating in a man’s life.” In other words, I think we have much to learn from Paul’s example.
Following our Celebration Service this Sunday we will have our first annual “Ministry Fair”. This will be taking place on the front lawn if the weather is good. If not, we will be downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the ministries of our church, both old and new, and to sign up and get involved in the ministry or ministries that are of most interest to you.
Let me also mention a couple of spiritual resources that I am making available during the week. If you happen to miss one of the messages in my series on the book of Acts entitled “Keys to Growth” you can always listen to it here: http://willvaus.com/acts. And every week, Monday through Friday, I try to post some devotional thoughts on the Biblical lectionary reading for the day on my blog. You can check that out here: http://willvaus.blogspot.com.

MinistryFairMinistry Fair This Sunday June 5th!

1. Worship Ministries table (Purple)
  • Second Service Planning Team: research, plan for, and recommend to the SCC Board and congregation the best plan possible for adding a second worship service no later than September 2017.
  • Ushers & Greeters Ministry: Ushers welcome people to worship, hand out bulletins and assist with seating. Greeters will be informally stationed throughout the sanctuary to welcome people and invite them to the Coffee Hour after worship. There will be a trainingsession(s) for ushers and greeters this summer.
  • Choir: If you like to sing, please consider joining our choir that sings in our current service throughout the school year!
  • Deacons: assist with the administration of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Deacons participate in serving communion the first Sunday of each month. They also recruit Lay Readers for each service.
  • Prayer Team: prays for needs in the church and community via email. The Prayer Team also joins in praying for the needs of individuals following our monthly Communion service.
2. Teaching Ministries Table (Blue)
  • Lay Preachers: If you love the Bible, love people, and are a good public speaker, please consider becoming one of our lay preachers who fills in for the pastor during his vacation time.
  • Christian Life Seminars: we have 4 major courses for youth and adults offered on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and at other times. Topics covered include: Membership, Maturity, Ministry, and Missions. Please consider attending a course, or if you like to teach, consider teaching one!
  • Kids’ Connection: this is our Sunday school for children up through 5th grade offered during our 9:30 am service. We can always use new teachers and helpers. Our curriculum takes children through the whole Bible in the course of three years.
  • Library: We have a small church lending library in the Fellowship Hall that some folks would like to see expanded. If you are interested, they could use your help.
3. Fellowship Ministries Table (White)
  • Hospitality Team: This team administrates the “Coffee Hour” following our Sunday 9:30 am service. We can always use more volunteers to bring refreshments, set up the refreshments table, prepare coffee, and clean up afterwards.
  • Fellowship Events: this team will help plan and execute quarterly fellowship events that will help people in the church get to know each other better. Possible future events include: “Dinners for Eight”, a Square Dance, and a “Newlywed Game Night”.
  • Small Groups: for people of all ages and to include: Bible study groups, service groups, age or life-stage based groups, and special needs groups. If you would like to participate in or lead a small group, let us know.
  • Pastoral Care/Visitation Team: assist the pastor in calling on and visiting people in the church who are in need of care.
  • Women’s Fellowship: provides fundraising opportunities as well as meals for church receptions and other ministries.
4. Service Ministries Table (Orange)
  • “Find a Need and Fill It”: Join the team that will survey our community to find the needs that are out there and coordinate ministries and service projects to meet those needs.
  • Lamoille County Food Share: We collect food for the needy in every worship service.
  • Community Emergency Aid Fund: Our service team also administrates a fund to help with emergency needs in the community.
  • Patchworks Place: we would like to join other community organizations in establishing a homeless shelter in Lamoille County.
  • “Parents Night Out”: Join us in starting this new ministry that will offer childcare at the church for parents one Friday night per month so that parents can have a “date night” alone together.
  • Greater Stowe Interfaith Coalition: Be part of a team to plan interfaith events in our community.

5. Outreach Ministries Table (Red)

·         Bridge Events: This team will plan quarterly outreach events to draw new people into our church. These events may include concerts, youth outreach, special speakers, and fun events for the whole family.

·         Missions: This team oversees support for our long-term missionaries around the globe as well as planning short-term mission trips once per year.

·         Communications: this team oversees advertising of the church to our community, our web site, weekly Quest email and social media.

·         Welcome Team: oversees follow-up of all “guests” of our Celebration Service, including a “rapid visit” to every guest’s home, bearing cookies and an informational brochure about the church.


6. Trustees Ministries Table (Yellow)

  • Refurbishment: this team will develop and execute a plan for short-term refurbishment of our narthex, fellowship hall, bathrooms and nursery.
  • Expansion: this team will develop and execute a plan for long-term expansion and preservation of our historic church building.

7. Treasury Ministries Table (Green)

  • Financial: this team oversees counting and depositing of all offerings as well as the overall expenditures of the church.
  • Stewardship: this team will develop and execute a plan for yearly church fundraising through pledges and offerings.

VolunteersVolunteers Needed For Parsonage “Handyman” Jobs!

There are a number of items in the parsonage which need attention. These are jobs for a “handyman” – – – or woman, and we’d like to accomplish them without the expense of a contractor. Please look through the list below and if you can assist, please contact Barbara Fox at fox.barbaras@gmail.com. Thanks!
1.  Picket fence – needs new support and pickets and painting.
2.  Door handle for porch door is missing and needs replacement so that the door will close.
3.  Order and install screens for the front and porch doors.
4.  Close garage window
5.  Stain/paint porch.
6.  Replace lattice on porch
7. Order and install screens on windows in living room and den.
8. Repair / redo stones at bottom of porch stairs
9. Add baseboard molding all through downstairs especially living room.
10. Gutter over dining room overflows in rain
11. Fill in holes on back of house.

ZieglerGathering Hearts Craft Classes!

Gathering HeartsHearts & Craft Guild of Stowe presents

Join us for monthly gatherings where you can
learn and create crafts
Becky’s Studio in the Parsonage
Saturday, June 25 – 10AM to Noon – Sew Darn Cute: Sew aprons and knit ring cowls
Saturday, July 23 – 10AM to Noon – Card Making Workshop Saturday,
August 27 – 10 AM to Noon – Make-up Class
Because space will be limited and supplies may need to be purchased, please make a reservation by the Saturday before the meeting you wish to attend. You will receive a confirming e-mail with information on materials needed. Reservations may be made with:
Becky Vaus: beckyvaus@gmail.com
Margery Adams: GnMountain@aol.com

BellaVoceMountain Choraleers Concert This Sunday June 5th 4:00PM at the Church!

Mountain Choraleers Concert

NoonMusicOpportunities to Serve the Church

  1. Please note the PayPal Donate link in the header of this e-mail. Click on that link to make a secure donation to the Stowe Community Church.
  2. Please sign up to usher.  The sheet is on the table in the Narthex by the front door.
  3. Offerings of both food and money for our local food shelf can be placed in the box located in the narthex anytime. As part of our offering time, the grocery cart will be pushed through the aisles, as we to receive your special contributions to help fight hunger in our community. There are many hunger people in our community, especially children.  Please help!
  4. The Community Emergency Aid committee thanks all who put donations in the basket in the narthex.  We have many requests for help such as back rent, fuel, electricity bills, food, and car gas.  The church does budget $3,000 a year to help with this, but it does not cover all the requests. We do suggest people contact other churches and other organizations such as Community Action, Lamoille Family Center, and United Way.  Many times they have already contacted those places but they either can not help them or have given them something toward their need.
  5. Would you like to provide the flowers on the communion table on a certain Sunday in remembrance of a loved one or in honor of someone? Just let Marylou know what week you would like to do that and let her know what you want printed in the bulletin.  The cost of the arrangements is $25. Make a check payable to Stowe Community Church and put flowers on the memo line. If you want a larger arrangement, Marylou can order it for you.
  6. Don’t forget to donate your empty ink cartridges (helps us buy paper) and donate your no longer needed eyeglasses (helps people in third world countries who have no glasses) to the Church..


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