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May 27, 2016

Stowe Community Church
develops loving followers of Christ who
celebrate through worship
grow through teaching
connect through fellowship
care through service and
share through outreach
to our community
and world.

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
John F. Kennedy

Stowe Community Church May 27, 2016

This Week in the Quest:
Sunday’s Celebration Service
This Week’s Calendar
Words From Will
Volunteers Needed for Parsonage Tasks!!
Gathering Hearts Card Making Class June 4th
Stowe Bible Camp Enrollment Ends June 1st!
Mountain Choraleers Concert Sunday June 5th
Opportunities to Serve the Church

Parsonage Fund Update:
Total spent…$76,500
Received This Week: $650
Total contributed…$62,900
Still needed…$13,600
Please prayerfully consider making a donation!
SundaySunday Celebration Service May 29, 2016
Lay Reader: Charlie Burnham

Acts 11:19-30, 12:25-13:3

“Prayer for Peace” – Haslan


“Keys to Growth: Mission”
Dorrit Edwards and Marcia Johannesen

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Church Calendar for May 29 – June 5th
Sunday, May 29
8:30 Choir rehearsal in loft
8:30 Apostles’ Creed discussion in Fellowship Hall
9:30 Celebration Service
9:30 Kids Connection

Monday, May 30
Office closed – Memorial Day
12:00 noon AA weekly meeting in Fellowship Hall

Tuesday, May 31
8:00 pm AA weekly meeting in Fellowship Hall

Wednesday, June 1
12:00 noon AA weekly meeting in Fellowship Hall
5:30 pm Choir rehearsal in Organ loft
Thursday, June 2
5:30 pm Sake – M Body class
7:00 pm Mountain Choraleers rehearsal in sanctuary

Friday, June 3
9:15 am Staff meeting
6:00 pm Youth Group

Saturday, June 4
2:00 pm Memorial service for Peter Haslam

Next Sunday, June 5
8:30 am “Apostles’ Creed” discussion in Fellowship Hall
8:30 am Choir rehearsal in organ loft
9:30 am Kids Connection in Fellowship Hall
9:30 am Celebration Service in Sanctuary
10:30 am Ministry Fair with Refreshments on the Lawn!
4:00 Mountain Choraleers Concert
6:00 pm Annual Ham & Bean Dinner at Town and Country Resort
Happy Birthday this week to:
Katie Finnegan on 5/29
Nicolas Daliere and John Daliere on 5/30
Daniel Baumann and Jesse Brown on 5/31
Alexis Faith on 6/1
William Bradbury and Brittany Clark on 6/2
Eric Beecy, Sophia Buchanan, Kailey Hulse and Monica Wentz on 6/3
Meghan Percy and Ken Rapp on 6/4
Happy Anniversary this week to:
PRAYER TEAM LEADER: Kandy Neil 802-793-3434 for May, Nancy Tooley 802-793-1637 for June
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PINSWords from Will!
Rev. Will Vaus
What is your mission in life? What are you put here for? What is it that God wants you to be and to do? And what is the unique way that God has for you to be and do it, that only you can be and do?

The first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism is: “What is the chief end of man?”

I will give you a hint toward the answer. The chief end of man is not his feet.

The answer that the Westminster Divines gave to this question, back in the 1600s, was: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”

I love that answer! Our mission on earth is not only to “light up” God, to honor God, but to ENJOY God forever. Have you been enjoying life, enjoying God lately? I look at every Sunday as a new opportunity to start afresh in that endeavor.

This Sunday at 9:30 am in our Celebration Service I will be talking about our mission in life from Acts 11-13. I hope you will join us.

Also, at 8:30 am on Sunday, in the Fellowship Hall, we are continuing our study of The Apostles’ Creed. This Sunday we will be looking at what it means when we confess in the creed that we believe in “God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.” A second batch of the “I Believe” books by Alister McGrath have arrived for this class and are available in the church office. So it is not too late to join us!

Finally, allow me to note a “Coming Attraction” for Sunday, June 5. Not only will that be a Communion Sunday, but we will also be having our “Ministry Fair” following the Celebration Service. We are hoping that the weather will be sunny and warm so we can have our Fair outside on the front lawn. We will be showcasing all the ministries of the church as they pertain to our new, five-fold purpose statement of: Worship, Teaching, Fellowship, Service, and Outreach. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about our ministries both old and new and sign up for areas in which you are interested in serving. Don’t miss it!

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VolunteersVolunteers Needed For Parsonage “Handyman” Jobs!
There are a number of items in the parsonage which need attention. These are jobs for a “handyman” – – – or woman, and we’d like to accomplish them without the expense of a contractor. Please look through the list below and if you can assist, please contact Barbara Fox at Thanks!

1. Picket fence – needs new support and pickets and painting.
2. Door handle for porch door is missing and needs replacement so that the door will close.
3. Order and install screens for the front and porch doors.
4. Close garage window
5. Stain/paint porch.
6. Replace lattice on porch
7. Order and install screens on windows in living room and den.
8. Repair / redo stones at bottom of porch stairs
9. Add baseboard molding all through downstairs especially living room.
10. Gutter over dining room overflows in rain
11. Fill in holes on back of house.
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ZieglerGathering Hearts Craft Classes!
Card Art Craft For our second workshop of Gathering Hearts, we would like to introduce you to the art of card making! Rubber stamping can be used to make cards, for scrap booking, home decor and much more and has been a passion of mine for over 17 years!

My niece, Alissa (Vaus) Weaver, will be here on Saturday, June 4th from 10-12 at my home. Alissa is a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator who will teach us the basics of rubber stamping and card making to get us started then I will conduct several workshops through the summer and fall. We hope to be able to make many card sets that we can sell at the Christmas Fair in December. This will be a hands on workshop and the opportunity for you to purchase products if you get hooked and to help with supplies for the Christmas Fair.

We hope you can join us to have some fun as well as learning a new skill (or having fun trying to learn). We have limited space and supplies will need to be prepared, so please let us know if you are able to come by Tuesday, May 31st.
Gathering Hearts Hearts & Craft Guild of Stowe presents

Join us for monthly gatherings where you can
learn and create crafts

Becky’s Studio in the Parsonage

Saturday, June 4 – 10 AM to Noon – A Stampin’ Up Demonstration for the art of Card Making
Saturday, June 25 – 10AM to Noon – Sew Darn Cute: Sew aprons and knit ring cowls
Saturday, July 23 – 10AM to Noon – Card Making Workshop Saturday,
August 27 – 10 AM to Noon – Make-up Class

Because space will be limited and supplies may need to be purchased, please make a reservation by the Saturday before the meeting you wish to attend. You will receive a confirming e-mail with information on materials needed. Reservations may be made with:

Becky Vaus:
Margery Adams:

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BibleCampStowe Bible Camp Will Be Held June 20-24. Enrollment Ends June 1st!
Stowe Bible Camp 2016
Join us at Stowe Bible Camp for a Deep Sea Discovery. Kids will dive into God’s Word to see how He has been with His people every step of the way. Students will discover that God knows, hears, strengthens and LOVES all of us! Through our daily Bible story students will hear about God’s bigger story – His plan for our salvation! Join us for Stowe Bible Camp held the week of June 20-24 from 9am-Noon at Blessed Sacrament Church. It is an ecumenical camp sponsored by Stowe Community Church, Blessed Sacrament, St. John’s in the Mountains and Grace Bible Church.

Registrations will be accepted on our website at until June 1, 2016. If you cannot register online please contact Chris DeRienzo at 760-7389.
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BellaVoceMountain Choraleers Concert Sunday June 5th 4:00PM at the Church!
Mountain Choraleers Concert

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NoonMusicOpportunities to Serve the Church
Please note the PayPal Donate link in the header of this e-mail. Click on that link to make a secure donation to the Stowe Community Church.
Please sign up to usher. The sheet is on the table in the Narthex by the front door.
Offerings of both food and money for our local food shelf can be placed in the box located in the narthex anytime. As part of our offering time, the grocery cart will be pushed through the aisles, as we to receive your special contributions to help fight hunger in our community. There are many hunger people in our community, especially children. Please help!
The Community Emergency Aid committee thanks all who put donations in the basket in the narthex. We have many requests for help such as back rent, fuel, electricity bills, food, and car gas. The church does budget $3,000 a year to help with this, but it does not cover all the requests. We do suggest people contact other churches and other organizations such as Community Action, Lamoille Family Center, and United Way. Many times they have already contacted those places but they either can not help them or have given them something toward their need.
Would you like to provide the flowers on the communion table on a certain Sunday in remembrance of a loved one or in honor of someone? Just let Marylou know what week you would like to do that and let her know what you want printed in the bulletin. The cost of the arrangements is $25. Make a check payable to Stowe Community Church and put flowers on the memo line. If you want a larger arrangement, Marylou can order it for you.
Don’t forget to donate your empty ink cartridges (helps us buy paper) and donate your no longer needed eyeglasses (helps people in third world countries who have no glasses) to the Church..

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