Our Missions Team, through the support of our church members, is dedicated to “Serving Him by Helping Those in Need.”

What We Do: Throughout the year, we allocate budgeted, raised and donated funds to various organizations.  We endeavor to find a balance between local, regional and worldwide needs.

Who We Support: Locally, we provide financial support to a number of nonprofit organizations, including Lamoille Home Health & Hospice, the Community Food Shelf, Clarina Howard Nichols Center, Meals on Wheels, and Partners in Need of Service.

On the state level, we send donations to agencies such as the Lund Family Center, the Committee on Temporary Shelter, the Salvation Army, Vermont Foodbank, the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger, and Covenant Hills Camp.

And we also support several international organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, The Heifer Project, and Church World Service.

In recent years, our congregation has reached out to help those in need in impoverished countries, such as AIDs orphans in Kenya, the Guatemalan Project, and the New Sudan Education Initiative.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions, and we pray for guidance in our disbursement decisions.

Thankfully, the members of our congregation and church visitors have generously supported special appeals.  These donations help to augment our budget and enable us to achieve our goals of helping those in need in our local and global communities.

Please call the church office at (802) 253-7257 if you have ideas or suggestions for outreach, or if you are an organization or individual seeking assistance.