The Response of Stowe Community Church to Covid-19

Approved 6.30.20, updated 8.23.20

Stowe Community Church is working hard to adhere to the regulations and guidance of Vermont State Government and medical professionals in its dealings with Covid 19. Its primary objective is to protect the health of its employees, members, and visitors. To this end, the Church’s Board of Directors has established a Church Reopening Committee (“CRC”) to manage the activities of the Church during this pandemic, with particular emphasis on the appropriate use and maintenance of the Church and Parsonage properties.

The Committee has established certain baseline requirements with respect to all activities in the Church properties. These presently include:

  1. Signs have been placed on doors warning employees and visitors not to enter if they have symptoms of COVID – 19. Employees must self-monitor and stay at home if feeling ill.
  2. Employees must wash or disinfect their hands when entering the building. Hand sanitizer will be available at each door as well as in the bathrooms.
  3. Everyone must wear face masks in the building, gloves at their own discretion. Staff members alone in their offices are exempt.
  4. No congregants or others will be allowed in Church offices, unless they have an appointment.
  5. Doors to the Church will remain locked. All visitors and guests must have an appointment to enter the building during office hours.
  6. The Church’s cleaning service will clean the sanctuary and building at least weekly. If the Church has a special event (such as a funeral or wedding), the cleaning service will clean immediately after the service.
  7. Employee Training : All employees of the church must complete the mandatory VOSHA training. A record will be kept of this in the Church office.

The following guidelines apply to Sunday Traditional and Contemporary Services:

  1. Services are livestreamed on the Church’s website, with no congregants in the Sanctuary.
  2. The Pastor and Music Team must maintain proper social distance (at least 6 ft.) at all times.
  3. The Pastor and Music Team may read and sing without masks, but wear masks at other times during the service.

Meetings and Events at the Church

  1. Most regular meetings, events and gatherings at the church will not be allowed during this phase. This includes Board of Directors’ meetings, AA, Women’s groups, bible study, etc. Some exceptions, however, approved by the Board of Directors, will be made under special conditions. As examples exceptions are being made for the Mission’s Committee’s food box project and the American Red Cross Blood Drives.
  2. Small weddings and funerals (based on current State guidance) will be allowed.
  3. The Board of Directors may call a Congregational Meeting in order to conduct important business. The total participants may not exceed State regulations.